Work Packages

WP 1 - Project Management

A multi-year evaluation plan will be implemented, including periodic evaluations (every six months) of monitoring and control of activities and management of specific instruments by the coordinating entity (UCM) towards its associates with specialized feedback.

Throughout the project, transnational and virtual coordination meetings will be held. The partners will present updates on their proposals and progress regarding the action plan and schedule, all linked to the dissemination activities to find synergies between the main partners and the associates.

Progress and results will be monitored within the interactive platform of the NutriFACheck project. The interface will have spaces dedicated to the project with a specific section on the websites of each partner.

To measure the quality of the results, the coordinating entity (UCM) will establish a committee made up of experts inside and outside the organization, which will objectively present an annual quality report regarding the achievement of project activities, aligned with the objectives and closed phases in which the teams can evaluate the result in terms of quality, applicability and return on investment according to the Budget Plan.

Each partner will be actively involved in the elaboration and design of the training activities and the support processes that they can offer to the recipients that are within these institutions. For this reason, by being involved in these processes, they will be able to know the indicators to monitor compliance of the objectives around the consortium of partners will be:

- Activity monitoring reports and schedule compliance.

-Strategy Monitoring Reports

-Partner performance analysis

-Evaluation of the Action Plan

-Surveys and satisfaction questionnaire for participants

-Evaluation and monitoring reports for partners

-Review of materials, results, campaign guides and instructions and recommendations for the implementation of awareness materials.

- Direct contacts with young women during the project

-Contacts for cooperation with other training, educational environments and youth organizations

- Evaluation sessions during face-to-face or online coordination meetings of the partners

- Number of experts and representatives of interest groups in project activities

- Number of participants in pilot courses and other awareness actions

-Number of meetings or direct contacts with organizations, institutions and the results obtained

- Interactions with the intellectual products of the project

- Scope of invitations to project activities

-4 Transnational meetings with partners for evaluation and monitoring.

WP 2 - E-book and platform with material validation

The themes of the concept NutriWellB-Nutrition and WellBeing Fact Checking for HE, represent a new perspective in the training and awareness of young people. The e-book supported on an accessible website and with accessible materials following the EU directive 2016/2102 allows a knowledge base in a single point to guide all the actions of the project.  The objectives of the Work package n°2 are:

-Creation of a methodological proposal for e-book and platform corresponding to Objective O1: Implementation of an online platform with validation of materials for what includes:

-The development and implementation of online learning materials that lead to training pilots in IT security, digital Fact-checking strategies and critical thinking, based on a collective and centralized presentation of existing resources and the problems already detected. and analyzed in their present situation and reflection on the associated challenges

-Compilation of reports by countries and proposal of integrated e-book initial content for the compilation of information including survey proposal, interview and resource collection templates

- Propose tools, options and methods for the training and development of pilot courses

- Identify the details of the state of the art that allows adjusting the curricular design of work packages 3 and 4 aimed at the objective groups and expected results of the project

- Consolidate the bases for the curricular proposal incorporating direct feedback from interested groups on a specific information scheme.

-Organize and complete a pilot training for partners, teachers and students that, thanks to its open, multilanguage and accessible platform, will allow easy transferability to other areas and countries.

WP 3 - Recruitment curriculum and awareness strategy design

This work package aims to carry out training and workshops on the detection and verification of hoaxes in nutritional health. The creation of a training curriculum and awareness strategy design is directly related to this work package: it includes training material templates and learning strategy design, distributed in the following activities:

O2/A1 Strategy design and learning materials

O2/A2 Development of detailed agenda outlines

O2/A3 Design translation and adaptation

The development of the design of the training strategy in NutriwellB, of the contents and training materials for the training courses. The application of this package and its activities are based on the development of the WP2 package, as a starting point. Three modules are contemplated in the training design: 1) WellBeing wellness habits, 2) nutritional health; 3) Fact-checking and critical thinking. The strategy will be based on the existence of important European references such as the digital framework for citizens of DIgComp and its practical implementation as certification modules of the ECDL, European Computer Driving License (IT security, data privacy) as well as on advances from previous European projects such as WAMDIA and The Prejudice Conscience II project: Healthy and responsible (online) behavior and Healthier minds, smarter minds and others.

In the case of digital critical thinking, lessons from other European Erasmus+ projects such as Fakeoff will be used, but also training in ECDL digital marketing techniques. For its best adaptability, the instructional design will be developed with references to EQF and ECVET to facilitate future integrations into educational systems.

WP 4 - Implementation of courses and activities

The specific objective to which this WP responds is: Promote the Exchange of knowledge and the Integral approach from of a detection and verification network of nutrition professionals and experts at European level (O3) and the implementation and platform customization; schemes of courses and training itineraries (R3). The content will be integrated progressively on the platform on the basis of a first version in English. The platform will allow both interactive viewing and possibility of downloading materials. All materials will be licensed under a Creative Commons license, as has been specified in the corresponding section of this proposal.

The learning platform of the project will be created based on Moodle but will be customized in different aspects to be accessible as well as more usable by the students of the pilot course. The platform will host the contents accessible (both following the EU accessibility directive (EU) 2016/2102) that will include images, videos, test online etc under a common design agreed with the partners and reviewed by the instructors, integrating the entire consortium and associates in the validation of the materials.

Following the O3/A2, pilot courses will be applied to validate the training approach, the methodology and the instruction guides and the contents. Each partner will adapt the content, as well as the invitation and promotional materials of the courses and will launch a pilot course where an equitable number will be pursued in terms of gender and with a minimum of 20 young women; to evaluate these pilot courses in the target audience. The participant will be offered a diploma from the project consortium.

WP 5 - Implementation Guide for Higher Education supported by a network of experts at European level

This work package responds to the objective (O4): to sensitize the target audience and take advantage of fact-checking campaigns and contribute to making the content accessible to anyone. In order to contribute to the general objectives, activities aimed at achieving these objectives will be applied (AO4: Carrying out awareness and use campaigns). Materials and resources for awareness campaigns and tools to promote healthy attitudes towards reality and the use of digital media will be implemented.

Thanks to this work package, an implementation guide for Higher Education will be applied, supported by a network of european experts that will include resources for awareness campaigns and tools to promote healthy attitudes towards digital reality, with the collaboration of experts, associates specialists and university units dedicated to inclusion, well-being and support for students, with the aim of extending and guiding other centers in addition to the partners.

O4/A1. Design of the awareness campaign and its adaptation to local realities and 4 countries in order to convince of the importance of NutriWellB and its influence on the personal, social and professional life of young people.

O4/A2. Digital marketing and communication materials and tools will be used to convey the awareness messages of the project to achieve its objectives and to communicate the solution provided by individual training through training developed in O2 and O3

O4/A3. Review of materials, results, campaign guides and instructions and recommendations for the implementation of awareness materials by third parties in the future.